Watch: "The Club Where Rave Music Was Born" Has A Movie On The Way

Watch: "The Club Where Rave Music Was Born" Has A Movie On The Way


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In 1997, the Manchester club known as The Haçienda was shut down due to financial troubles and security problems, eventually being demolished to make room for luxury apartments. Before that though, the club helped launched the rise of English rave culture and a large part of rave culture in general, along with acid house and a new found focus on dance music in the UK.

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What started as warehouse parties was eventually purchased by Factory Records in 1982, transforming the place into one of the most important venues in dance music history. Chunks from the dance floor and their iconic black and yellow striped beams were auctioned off in 2000 before the club was fully knocked down, but the importance stems from the music and culture that was born here.

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Do You Own The Dancefloor aims to spread this story to the world, premiering at Glastonbury with a full release on the way following that. It focused on the people that bought the parts from the club and how they were used, those that helped started the club, and even some quotes from Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. Watch below, and get a feel for the roots of a now widespread culture.

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You can also hear more about the club and its legacy in this nine-minute clip.

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