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Watch: There's A 9-Year-Old DJ Playing Major Music Festivals


They just keep getting younger. Back in May we reported on an 11-year-old DJ from Australia who played his first festival before Carmada came on in his hometown of Canberra, but now it seems he has some serious competition. Coming out of Florida, there's a 9-year-old DJ who recently performed at Sunset Music Festival.

This wasn't even his first rodeo though, and has been playing to big crowds for over a year now. CBS News recently ran a story on John Anthony, who has been catching a handful of press in the electronic community these past few days. He apparently loves strawberry lemonade, plays golf and soccer, and the piano and violin. Seems this little John here is a jack of all trades.

Watch: 11-Year-Old Australian DJ Plays First Festival Set

The newscast is hard to watch so we apologize for that, with a random PSA to stay hydrated and anchors so excited over the kid. He apparently loves deep house, Tiesto, and deadmau5, and is working with Ableton and Launchpad to complete his first song. Guys. We are like one year away from baby DJs. Baby EDC 2016 buy your tickets now they are selling so quick get the pre-sale.

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You can watch some footage from his recent performance at Sunset Music Festival, along with another performance back in 2014 below that. We don't see him drinking strawberry lemonade in either one, but like we said he really enjoys it so don't forget that.

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