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Watch: Two Dudes Made A Techno Banger Using Kitchen Sounds

Two Dudes Made A Techno Banger Using Kitchen Sounds

Technology is a beautiful thing. There are endless sounds within different DAWs that you can use to edit, loop, and sample, but the ability to record noises in the real world and utilize them in your music creates even more possibilities. The world is filled with remarkable sounds just waiting to be captured and brought to life, and these two legends decided to make a techno track in the kitchen.

Setting up their microphone in different locations, we witness two producers by the name Cool Harbour from the Netherlands record water on the rim of a cup, a knife hitting metal objects, and much more. The result is a club-ready techno anthem with a unique twist, and it's refreshing watching producers shun the easy way out and attempt to create something different.

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You can watch the video below and see for yourself, which gives you a small taste of the entire production. That can be streamed and downloaded for free on their Soundcloud, which we've also included below.

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