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Hey, you there! Do you love all things electronic dance music? Do you love to write? Do you live in a city with a unique music scene? Well, if you answered in any way positively to those questions, keep on reading.

Beyond Facebook, beyond Twitter, beyond the entire internet… Magnetic in 2015 has ventured out into the world. In our City Dispatch series our passionate correspondents from around the globe have been immersing themselves in their local scenes and reporting back with their in depth discoveries on all things electronic music.

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We are looking for writers in New York, Chicago, Berlin, Spain and beyond. If you are passionate about music and love to write, we would love to consider you for the Magnetic team! Please email kirk@magneticmag.com if you are interested to find out more.

Here a few examples of our City Dispatch series:
7 Reasons Why We Love Montréal's Nightlife
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When A Man Tires of London, He is Tired of Life
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An Interview with Lebanon's Let's Play Records

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