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Watch: Zedd Performed At The Country Music Awards. It Was Painful

Zedd Performed At The Country Music Awards. It Was Painful


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Last night at the Country Music Awards, Zedd performed a crossover performance with Nashville based group Lady Antebellum. It was meant to combine country music with EDM, creating a mashup of his recent single "Beautiful Now" off True Colorswith their song "Long Stretch Of Love." The intention was to try something new, but you can see how well that went.

Following the recent interviews with Zedd claiming that much of EDM wasn't musical and talking about the musical aspects of his production, it seemed like another attempt to separate himself further from the genre. He talked about not really being inspired by much of dance music, and being more influenced by classic rock artists like The Beatles.

Zedd: "I'm Not Really That Inspired By EDM

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With this performance though, they really took it to the extreme and let's just say it was painful. That would probably be an understatement, but watch the clip for yourself below and decide. It's cool to see artists try something new, and to be honest I personally enjoyed what Avicii was able to do with the folk and country immersion, but this is on a completely different level.

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The songs don't seem to blend, the genres don't seem to match, and the entire thing feels forced. It probably could have worked with the right songs and proper execution, but what we're witnessing here is by all means sub-par. Some called it different, others seemed confused, but we just straight up can barely watch.

Head to their official site to watch the full performance or watch a 30 second clip below, because their embed isn't working (damn them for making us link to their site).

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