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So you want to start a podcast but you have no idea what mic is the best for your needs? We have found four great mics for podcasting that will fit a variety of budgets and needs. Whether you are looking for something more mobile that will work with your iOS device or something a little larger that will be more for a studio environment, one of these mics should fit the bill.

Blue Spark Digital (above)

Blue Spark Digital is the world's early studio condenser microphone to offer USB connectivity with a price range of $148 - $150. Blue Spark Digital features the same studio-grade condenser capsule and hand-tuned components for high-fidelity recording and consistent performance in any podcasting, vocals, drums, piano, speech, location recording and more.

Blue Spark Digital features include;
• Focus Control, providing two different sonic options in one mic at the push of a button.
• Complete with an adjustable desk stand and built-in shock mount
• Y-cables for each platform with a headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring.
• full range of recording capabilities
• LED meter provides visual feedback
• 30-pin or Lightning and headphones
• The headphone jack is three feet long
• Signal cables are nine feet long.
• 10 gain control steps allowing the mic to handle ~60- ~120dB.

Spark Digital is currently shipping in both 30-pin and Lightning versions.


Blue Yeti Studio

Weighing in at more than 3 pounds, the Yeti Pro is a beast of a microphone. On a lighter mood If it were gold-plated instead of a dull silver, it would look more like a trophy for broadcasters than a USB mic. Still, it's a good-looking and robust.

The foot-tall microphone consists:
➢ stand and
➢ The actual mic

The stand is a 7-inch-tall piece of nearly solid steel, weighted to keep the mic from tipping over, and featuring a very large, adjustable axle upon which the mic can pivot up and down. The Yeti is flexible with high audio quality. The Yeti is a $149.99 (list) mic that offers four different recording modes and incredibly clear sound. The laudable audio quality and four different patterns make it excellent for podcasts, interviews, amateur musicians, and garage bands that can’t put together a true, multiple-component, multiple-microphone studio.

The Blue Yeti Studio features includes;
• It is 7.5-inch-long
• Bullet-shaped hulk with a silver body and a chrome tip, camped in three dials and a Mute button.
• USB and 3.5mm jacks on the bottom, along with a screw-mount for use when the mic is off the stand. (The 3.5mm jack is a headphone pass-through; the USB mic takes over the headphone output.)
• The blue yeti or yeti pro studio is very versatile and sensitive.
• 32-bit audio engine with superior sound quality

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IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio

IRig Mic is ideal for the singer, vocalist and songwriter on the move, but also perfect for recording speeches, instruments, performances or other sound sources in the studio, on stage or in the field. The iRig Mic features a highly unidirectional condenser-electrets microphone capsule that provides quality recording in both close mic and long distance mic conditions and provides real-time monitoring with its dual mini-jack connector design. A three-level gain switch makes it instantly adjustable for any sound pressure condition — from soft speaking to loud playing.

Features include;
• Professional studio microphone with large-diaphragm capsule
• Ultra-compact size that’s easy to carry around
• High-quality 1” back electrets condenser capsule
• 24-bit converter with 44.1/48 KHz sampling rate
• Low-noise, high-definition preamp
• Integrated headphone output
• Multicolour LED status and level indicator
• Onboard gain control and headphone level control
• Comes with a full suite of IK apps
• Includes portable tripod tabletop stand
• Includes Lightning, Micro-USB OTG and USB cables
• Available in black or silver version

For immediate recording, iRig Mic Studio comes equipped with a powerful suite of vocal apps that match its cross-platform compatibility. Apple touch users will be able to enjoy VocaLive, a powerful effects processor and multi-track recording app that features a selection of 12 professional real-time vocal effects. It can capture everything from the subtle and nuanced dynamics of the human voice to the full-on bombast of an amplified electric guitar, and everything in between.


Apogee MiC Lighting/USB

Apogee MiC Lightning a $279.99 mic is a digital microphone designed to deliver studio quality recording you can take anywhere. It is a Professional microphone for Garage Band on you Apple devices. It is designed to sound amazing and be easy to use with your Lightning compatible iOS devices and can record vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, piano, drums...anything! Inspired by the most revered and classic microphones.

It combines a microphone, microphone preamp and an A/D converter into one compact device. Apogee has carefully designed each part of MiC to deliver the lowest noise and highest quality signal possible for a digital microphone. It includes the ability to record in pristine fidelity - up to 24-bit/96kHz.

Features include;
• Made easy for iOS devices with Lightning connectivity
• Pure DIGITAL connection for pristine sound quality
• Studio quality cardioids condenser microphone
• Up to 96kHz, 24-bit analogue-to-digital conversion
• Studio quality microphone preamp with up to 40dB of gain
• No configuration, just plug in and record
• Control knob allows easy input level adjustment
• Multicolour LED for status indication and input level monitoring
• All metal construction

It is great for recording interviews, podcasts, voice over’s, and audio for DSLR video.
The apogee is extremely compact, portable and pocket sized.

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