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A-Trak Takes On Skrillex And Diplo With Jaw-Dropping Scratch Routine

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There's just something about watching A-Trak DJ that is unlike anything else. It's like watching art unfold right in front of your eyes, perfectly juxtaposing a raw style and aesthetic that comes across ever so fluid. This is the case with his live videos and performances at shows. The Fool's Gold main man never disappoints, and episode 8 of his short cuts series is no different.

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Taking on "Beats Knockin" from the Skrillex and Diplo project Jack Ü, we get a chopped up scratch routine that retains the original vibe of the song and brings something fresh to the table. Rocking a badass Metallica shirt and showing off a massive collection of movies and weird creatures, we get another fresh video from the legend himself. Take a look below, and compare it to the original. DJ Craze has already shown support, so you know it's good.

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