An Interview With French House DJ / Producer Mr Gonzo


An Interview With French House DJ Mr. Gonzo

If you haven't heard the name yet you certainly will hear it soon. Mr. Gonzo  has just mixed one of the discs on one of hottest summer compilations for Cr2 Records, Ibiza 2015, and is a rising start in the European House music scene and beginning to break stateside as well. We caught up with Mr Gonzo for a couple quick questions between planes.

How do you feel about the definition of "Deep House" migrating to techier sounds like those of Maya Jane Colye, etc.? 

I think too many labels are put on music these days, and the definitions of genres are objective and not important for me. When I go into the studio or the club it's just about good music and what makes me, and the fans, happy. If nobody is enjoying what you are doing, then it doesn't matter if it is Deep House, Tech House or House.

What sound to gravitate towards and why?

Most people will have some sounds that they will seek out depending on their mood. Maybe they want something with energy when they are feeling down, or a particular type of music to drive to. So the sound can be whatever you want, as long as it tells a story, installs good vibes and achieves what you wanted it to.

What does the word “Deep” mean to you? 

Introspective. It should be something that conveys an emotion and compels others to feel an emotion too. There is plenty of music that is just a good beat or a nice harmony or both, but when you go "Deep" then it is supposed to capture your attention on many levels.

Who are some of your biggest influences from the early days? 

My most significant influences from the early days are probably artists like: Chez Damier, Kerri Chandler, Marshall Jefferson, Dj Sneak, David Morales, Paul Johnson, Todd Terry, Masters At Work,E. Morillo, Roy Davis Jr, Basement Jaxx, St Germain, Laurent Garnier, Mr. Oizo, Daft Punk, Surgeon, Boris Dlugosch, Alan Braxe, Ian Pooley, Etienne de Crecy, Armand Van Helden, Eddie Amador, DJ Falcon, Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, and many more.

What is your favorite original sound Chicago or New York House?

Lil "Mo" Yin Yang – Reach (Little More Mix)

Do you think it’s important to keep vinyl alive?

Yes, I think so. I love the sound of vinyl, the object, the significant artworks, the smell and the fact that there is no remote, so you need to be implicated and dedicated to this task when you listen a vinyl.

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Do you still use it on occasion at gigs? 

At gigs no, just sometimes, but just for fun. For gigs, I prefer USB keys, it's easier to transport.

If you had to describe your sound to a deaf person, how would you explain it?

Underground dangling club sound with feelings inside.

What is your favorite city in the world to DJ in and why?

Not really a city, an island: Ibiza, because I'm in love with this place.

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