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Aphex Twin uploading "loads more old tapes" to SoundCloud

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Aphex Twin Just Released 10 New Songs On His Secret Soundcloud

Is it ever a bad day when Aphex Twin (Richard James) has good news? Through an update to his secret SoundCloud's biography, Aphex Twin announced today that he has "loads more old tapes" ready to share with fans.

“Im VERY happy to report that ive found loads more old tapes i never encoded or gave to anybody, been looking a lot on /off last few months and found around 7 tapes, most of which have 20+tracks :)))
Will upload/release soonish.”

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All told, this next batch of Aphex Twin tunes will bring the house down. Last year, Aphex Twin released Syro, his first album in thirteen years. He's been pumping out a steady stream of unreleased demos since, telling Rolling Stone that the album represents "a fifth of what I've done in the last 10 years". Fans and redditors are currently voting for their favorite tracks from Aphex Twin's last major dump of over 100 demos earlier this year. James said that the information from the fan polls "will give me a good basis for compiling something" towards a future release.

Listen to "produk 29 [101]" off of Syro below.

Source: FACT Mag
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