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BBC Bans Skrillex, Chase & Status Songs

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Don't expect to hear "Breakn' A Sweat" on BBC Radio 1 anytime soon, at least if a new policy instituted by the broadcaster holds up. The ban began after Skrillex collaborator The Doors, along with Journey, Neil Young, and Bonnie Raitt left the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society. BBC is building an offline music playing functionality which requires them to license music from the MCPS. Since BBC is unable to compensate these artists, it has been forced to ban any songs written by or sampling their work. The policy explicitly names both Skrillex and Chase & Status as potential violators, and is pretty comprehensive in its ban of usage:

  • You can NOT use tracks by these composers on the radio and/or online.

  • You can NOT use tracks by these composers whether they are originals or covers.

  • You can NOT use the lyrics.

  • You can NOT put performances using these compositions on line.

  • You can NOT use tracks which include samples of these compositions e.g. Tracks by Skrillex/Chase & Status

  • You can NOT use clips which include any compositions by these composer

You might not be able to catch these tracks on BBC anymore, but you can still check them out after the break.

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Source: The Guardian

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