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Beatport Teams With Spotify, Hires THUMP Ex-Chief


The winds keep blowing at SFX Entertainment as it continues to transform its music store Beatport into a broader music portal and media destination. Just two days ago, Beatport replaced its CEO, with incoming honcho Greg Consiglio looking geared to make a quick imprint within the company.

Then yesterday, SFX announced a content distribution deal with Spotify. The deal allows Beatport content, including exclusive music releases and footage from SFX festivals (Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland, Life in Color, Rock in Rio, Electric Zoo, etc.) to be made available through Spotify. The deal with Spotify unlocks a new audience for Beatport as it can now provide curated playlists and videos to users of the world's largest music streaming service.

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Today, Beatport continues the power plays as it hires seasoned dance music journalist Zel McCarthy, formerly editor-in-chief of VICE Media's THUMP, as VP of Beatport Media. Hiring McCarthy, recognized as one of dance music's most effective communicators, will surely bolster Beatport's media credibility.

In an interview with Billboard, Zel discussed the move and his plans for Beatport: “Electronic music fans are technologically savvy, the most cutting edge consumers of media. They're also not going to put up with any bullshit. So much bullshit has been peddled at us as electronic music fans forever, particularly within the last five years. Part of my job, as it was at Thump and as it will be here at Beatport, is to keep the bullshit out of it and cut straight to the things that people are really passionate about.”

Of course, the implications of the Spotify move combined with Beatport's media growth are massive: SFX can now directly market its events to Spotify's users. But McCarthy refutes suggestions of synergy: “I think that from the outside, it may have been perceived that Beatport was an apparatus of SFX. That is not the case, and it will certainly not be the case under my leadership. I'm a fiercely independent person. I'm really excited.”

H/T: Billboard

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