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BREAKING: Fire Breaks Out At Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

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cosmopolitan on fire

In unsettling news today, these images of a fire at The Cosmopolitan, a popular and centrally-located Las Vegas hotel and venue, have started appearing across the Internet.

The Clark County Fire Department reports that trees and pool cabanas around the Marquee Bamboo pool deck at the Cosmopolitan were on fire, and have closed parts of Las Vegas Boulevard in order to contain and fight the blaze. Witnesses report that the fire spread quickly, consuming half the cabanas around the pool and causing chaos and panic among the hotel's guests. Several floors of the building have been evacuated due to an accumulation of smoke, and Fox 5 reports that two people have been burned.

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Stay tuned as we receive more information.

UPDATE 1:33 PM: Snapchats from the scene indicate the fire is now out, and tweets from the Clark County Fire Department confirm that one person was transported to the hospital.

UPDATE 2:32 PM: Dancing Astronaut reports that the fire started when a fryer caught ablaze on the Bamboo deck of the 14th floor.

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