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Brooding "GFE" SNBRN Remix of Class Actress Climbing HypeM


SNBRN has plenty of summer tracks to crack a beer open to, but it seems he wanted to impart a darker shade of his sound on his latest remix of Class Actress's "GFE". He tagged this as "sunset house" on SoundCloud, which seems apt for a track that feels tailormade to transition from one of SNBRN's more lighthearted remixes into a frenetic night set.

Whereas the original "GFE", produced with Neon Indian, mixes the vocal into the instrumental groove, SNBRN keeps his deep house instrumental minimal, wringing as much emotion as he can out of three chords and letting the vocal fill the silence, riding the vocal with light hats and stabs. The remix has already reached the top 10 on Hype Machine, and looks set to continue its climb up the charts. Give both the remix and original a listen below.

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Class Actress - GFE (SNBRN Remix)

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