Canada's Evolve Festival Provides Drug Testing For Attendees

Canada's Evolve Festival Provides Drug Testing For Attendees


Image Evolve Festival by Chris Smith

One day this might happen in the USA, but probably not anytime soon. Canada's Evolve Festival has taken drug safety into their own hands this weekend as their 16th festival kicks off in Antigonish, Nova Scotia from July 9th -12th. Canada's more responsible approach to drug use is something that US lawmakers should be taking note of.

We covered the Canadian Anti-Drug PSA called "Cookin' With Molly" which shows how dialed in Canada is to the problem and in what context to push their message out. Makes you wonder why the US with all its edgy television shows can't approach the issue in the same way. We can push the boundaries with Family Guy but not with PSA's?  I wonder what a substance abuse PSA awareness campaign would look like from Seth MacFarlane and company... yeah, maybe not the best choice.

Evolve is taking all the liability risk according to an article Should this just be the status quo for US festivals? We certainly think so, and it's nice to see more PSA's from the promoters directly these days. EZoo, Insomniac and HARD have all been pushing the "safety" message for a while now. It's really all about education regarding any substance, but testing would no doubt be an amazing step to prevent ingestion of toxic substances at events and help stop pointless deaths.

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