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City Hearts LA and an Exclusive Playlist From the Desert Hearts Crew

City Hearts LA 7/24 and an Exclusive Playlist From the Desert Hearts Crew

The Desert Hearts crew is known for bringing some of the coolest festivals to the California desert and now they've created a City Hearts Summer of Love tour that includes stops at a few of their favorite urban locations. City Hearts LA will be coming to the Belasco this Friday 7/24 and will feature music by Mikey Lion, Deep Jesus, Lee Reynolds, Porkchop, and Marbs. The guys put together an exclusive playlist of some of their favorite tracks and new releases. You can check out the songs below and don't forget to buy tickets to the show here.

MIKEY LION's picks

Bells & Whistles - “Toes (Jozif Let Her Out Remix)”
Desert Hearts Records
One of the newest tracks out on Desert Hearts Records, Jozif nailed this track with the perfect combination of groove and intensity. Killed it! & SoundCloud has a free MP3 download!

Dale Howard - “Unit 10”
Viva Music
No bullshit tech house that just murders every time I drop it. Stab happy and perfect.

S.K.A.M. - “A Million Ways”
Everything I've ever heard S.K.A.M. put out has been fire. And that's definitely including this original heater. It's up-beat percussive groove seems to flawlessly compliment the melodic story the track tells.

Serge Devant - “Intentions”
Those tracks you come across and think to yourself... "That's a Desert Hearts bomb." Well, this is it.

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The Future Sound of London - “Calcium”
This is the song I opened up with at our last Desert Hearts Festival off their ground breaking debut album Accelerator from 1991. I can’t say enough great things about this record! It really changed the way I felt about electronic music, drawing elements from so many areas that I love, and setting new standards for not only music production but also digital arts. Do yourself a favour and listen to this seminal masterpiece.

Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy - “Angels” feat. Chaim
Such a powerful and emotional collaboration by two of my favourite techno producers and of course Mr. Diddy. The whole album is amazing in my opinion (even though most reviews were lukewarm) but this track in particular gets me every time!

PORKCHOP's picks
Fritz Carlton - “The Drug (DINK! & Porkchop Remix)”
My first release comes out August 6th on the newly San Franciscan Label, Native Lazer. I had a blast collaborating on the remix with my Desert Hearts homie, Dink.. I love the stoney Cheech & Chong samples we used for this tune!

Used to play this song a bunch when it was released a couple years ago.. So stoked to find it again in my artillery of tracks. I recently just closed my set at City Hearts San Diego during peak time with this track and the place went absolutely ape shit. What can I say, Andreas Henneberg/The Glitz is a beast!

MARBS' picks
The Box (Trio) - “Sketches of Pain (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix)”
This track has everything I love in music all bundled into one driving beat. It's sexy, a little dark, full of emotion, and flooded with sounds from all sorts of musical styles.

Timid Boy - “Gangsta (Original Mix)”
I'm into tracks that have an attitude and make you move, whether that means deep and melodic, or tech and driving, I like it all. This track leans more towards the tech side of the music I like to play. It's full of attitude and dance floor energy.

Photo credit to Andrew Jorgenson for featured image.
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