deadmau5 Just Trolled Jack Ü And Justin Bieber Hard And It's Hilarious

deadmau5 Just Trolled Jack Ü And Justin Bieber Hard And It's Hilarious

It's still a mystery to us how deadmau5 continues to be the troll master. He's so consistent with his trolling, name dropping, and shots fired that we are baffled how he can even find time to actually make music and play shows. Plus we see him racing cars, building new studios, and even fire pits. Does this man sleep?

Listen To deadmau5 Play Bass Guitar On Addicting New Track 

Most recently he's been trolling DJ culture with his hilarious Left Shark and beer drinking routine at festivals across the world, and basically fired shots at mainstream DJs making 500k-million per show by saying "If you're not putting 200 grand into your stage show, it's the biggest rip-off." Not to mention recently throwing shade at Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo) and Justin Bieber's collaboration, which he felt was pretty shitty.

Watch: deadmau5 Brings Left Shark And Beer To Glastonbury

Now he took that to another level today via Soundcloud, releasing a song called "where im at" in reference to "Where Are Ü Now" by Jack Ü. If you somehow haven't heard the original, it's the pop-friendly melodies of Justin Bieber alongside a pan flute heavy drop. Now deadmau5 has unveiled his own cover so to speak with a terribly off pitched recorder over a shitty repetitive beat. Trying to hold back tears.

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Fans pretty much picked up on his humour instantly. His only description was "still needs mastering," which makes the entire track even more hilarious. You can listen to both versions below, and decide if Joel nailed his cover or not.

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