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Get to Know Local Dallas Promoter Alex Reid


The man named Alex Reid that I had the privilege to interview for this article is a dear old friend of mine. I have known him for the past 8 years and have seen him grow from a 14 year old child into a smart young gentleman. Over the past few years he has not only begun producing music, but he is a DJ and a concert promoter in my lovely city of Dallas. Alex Reid is a key component in the ever thriving Dallas music scene. I sat down with him to pick his brain and ask a few questions on where his career as a producer and a local Dallas promoter is going. Be sure to check out his remix he just got done working on for Nas "Lifes A Bitch".

What got you into promoting shows in the Dallas area?

Alex Reid: I was interested in DJing and figured the best way to get into the community was to work in the community. The first show I ever DJed was actually the first show I ever promoted.

How old were you when you promoted your first show?

Alex Reid: That was about 2 1/2 years ago so I would have been 20 years old.

What are two things that are exciting about being a promoter in Dallas?

Alex Reid: I think the biggest things are the risks you take on talent/shows... Its a gamble, and its exciting. The second best part of it is that you are given the opportunity to be a taste maker and share your ideas on night life. A big part of what we do as PRIME is about pushing the limit of nightlife.

Pictured above left to right: Shelby Lee Roach and Stephanie Bradley


You are not just a promoter, you are a producer as well. How has that helped you out in the Dallas music scene?

Alex Reid: It for sure helped me be able to relate to the local dj/producers when I was first getting into the community. I would have to say its helped give me a lot of perspective on dance music and night life as a whole.

Were you a musician first or a promoter first in Dallas?

Alex Reid: I would say I was a musician first. As I mentioned earlier my first show as a artist was also the first show I ever promoted.

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Who offered you the opportunity to promote the bigger shows in Dallas?

Alex Reid: Recently I have been giving a lot of credit to Lizard Lounge and Afterdark Dallas for having my back, and bringing me in on some bigger projects. Before working with them I was doing a lot of really underground stuff, and larger talent bookings here and there.


What do you see in the future for the Dallas music scene?

Alex Reid: Its hard to say, the Dallas music scene is so diverse, with so many 'sub groups' that are not even aware of one another, that my hope is to bring some different cultural and music groups together. That is something that we at PRIME are really keen on working towards.


What are some shows you are currently promoting and working on?

Alex Reid: Coming up we have a diverse selection, Nina Las Vegas, NGHTMRE, Oona Dahl, Worthy, Carmada, Hotel Garuda, and as always we have some secret parties but I can't tell you who will be playing!


What are some of your personal favorite venues in Dallas?

Alex Reid: For normal night cults in Dallas, Lizard Lounge is a classic to me. I feel like it's where everyone starts in Dallas and has a timeless feel to me. Green Elephant is this dodgy little dive bar away from everything else, but has has some of the best parties of my life there. Red Light is a new little spot with a sick roof top patio and a dope view of the sky line. Very very premium vibes up there on that patio. For underground The Express is a really large warehouse in the design/trinity river area that has been home to some of the best underground events in Dallas. Electric Lotus is a nice little spot located just out side of Deep Ellum right by It'll Do. A really cool company called Out House has had some bumpin parties there.

The Lizard Lounge | 4/11/2015 | Event: KhoMha


The Lizard Lounge | 4/11/2015 | Event: KhoMha

Pictured above: Omair Mirza

Promotion wise and personally, what are you working on for the future?

Alex Reid: Promo wise we are working really hard to bring music cultures and genres together to create a new experience for the people of Dallas. As well as expanding and partnering with some friends around the states and Canada to produce some events in Austin, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Atlanta, and Hawaii. Expanding the other parts of PRIME, the clothing line, the blog, the artists we work with. Personally I'm working on a lot of new music, recently released a remix of Nas - Lifes a Bitch and have been getting a lot of love from that. Got a bunch of new projects ready to drop!

I can not wait to see my friend Alex continue to grow in the next few years. Sky's the limit for him and I wish him the best of luck moving forward with anything he does in his life whether it be producing music, promoting shows, or just his personal life in general! Cheers everyone.

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