Getting To Know Mark Deutsche & Musoé [Podcast + Interview]


The German dance scene has long been synonymous with techno to the point where it has become the global tastemaker for everything in that vein -- especially the deeper and darker things. The worldwide demand for high quality techno has session heads scouring the web for the latest tracks from German labels because of the simple fact that the standards for releases in that country are set inordinately high; they have a reputation to maintain, after all.

Two of the hardest working individuals in the scene are a couple dudes who you might know as Mark Deutsche & Musoé. If you don't recognize the name, you might recognize their work; you have probably heard their tracks in sets by Richie Hawtin, Dennis Ferrer, and Pete Tong amongst countless others. In between pumping out tunes that shoot up the beatport charts, they keep themselves busy with their work behind the scenes. Mark works in the studio for Timo Maas, giving the legend some fresh vibes, crispy sound design, and fluid writing, while Turgay spends his time developing the German territory for techno artists like the Matt Sassari.

We had the opportunity to interview the busy duo and they were kind enough to hook it up with a killer podcast! In just over an hour they show you what they are all about: sexy, driving, minimalistic techno. So throw on the mix and get yourself acquainted with your new favorite German techno duo!

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Mark Deutsche & Musoé by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

First, could you tell us a bit about yourselves? How did you get into DJing and producing music?


I started getting into electronic music in the 90s. In 1997/98 I got myself a 1210 and started having private mixing sessions with Funk, Soul & Breakdance at my place.

When it comes to production, I got started with Mark. He had more experience than I, so I was more of the co-driver at first, I could tell him where I wanted to go and he got me there with a lot of hard work.

My favorite production software would be Ableton Live which we have become very comfortable with in our studio sessions.


I actually started with Hardtechno and Hardtrance, although this only lasted for a short while.

I was using Reason back in the day, it wasn’t the best so I started experimenting with Fruity Loops, moved on to Cubase, and now I work with Logic and Ableton Live.

Since we use the same software, it has become easy to work together. Turgay sits down in his studio and comes up with ideas, as I do in mine, and then when we find something that really works, we work on it together to give it the finishing touches.

When did you realize that you are a great team?

Since the beginning everything was right. We had the same taste in music and we often performed at the same parties, that’s when we decided to start performing as a team.

Of course, not everything goes 100% to plan when you work as a duo, there will always be conflicts in any good partnership, but those are far and few between. When we have some spare time we still go to the same old Dance parties so we don’t forget where we came from… And of course for all the shenanigans that come with these events (both chuckle)

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Your track “Push” thrust you two into the spotlight, how did it feel having such a successful track?

Ohhh Yeaaah! Well, thats already 2 years past but when you think back that was really a great number for us. It was awesome read all the feedback from the big guys and to find out which of them actually used the track in one of their live sets or mixes.

When you've only been producing together for a few months, you don’t have high expectations for a track, so when it lands in the Beatport Top 10 and gets charted over 100 times, that is true happiness.

How have you guys kept building on your success?

We keep trying to make great music and release it on good labels. We also focus on the zeitgeist of the scene and try to keep moving with it, because in the music industry there are so many rash changes and movements, and it's happening faster and faster; You have to be consistently up to date. More so, we try to work together with people that we follow ourselves and whom we can identify with.

it’s easy to be overlooked

How did you guys manage to get picked up by such a big label as Noir?

Noir heard of us through our release on Get Physical. (Mark Deutsche & Musoé – Give Yourself feat. Nick Maurer) Thomas, one of their A&R scouts contacted us and asked if we wanted to send some of our stuff to Noir Music, which we did the next day. That same day, “Push” was signed.

Is it a similar story with Oliver Huntemann and his label (Senso Sounds)?

I met Oliver when I was Anthony Rother's assistant. That’s when I was working for Datapunk in Offenbach. Since then I have been checking up on him to see how he’s been. But when I saw a video of him performing at ADE in Amsterdam on youtube and heard that he played “Push” I immediately contacted him to thank him. And before we knew it we already had an assignment with him. A dream come true!

we go to the same old Dance parties so we don’t forget where we came from… And for all the shenanigans that come with it

How do you feel about the state of the dance music scene worldwide?

As we’ve already mentioned, the music scene is changing as fast as ever. This is especially true with electronic music, there are a lot of small labels and with many different styles so it makes it really hard to stick out from the masses. On online music outlets like Beatport so many tracks get released on any given day so it’s easy to be overlooked.

What do you guys have planned for the rest of 2015?

Our last tracks were released on Oliver Huntemanns Label Senso Sounds along with a remix by Oliver himself which was truly an honor. We also have releases on Matt Sassari's Panterre Musique and Broombeck's label, YesWeCan, which led up to our forthcoming releases on Paso Music, YesWeCan, and Supdub. One project we’re really excited about is our follow-up release on Noir, "Express Yourself", featuring vocals from Xenia Beliayeva and remixes from André Winter & Ernesto Ferreyra. Noir is an awesome guy, he is accepting, caring, and has been our mentor all throughout our career, so it is always a pleasure to work with him.

Something else that will be a highlight this year is to lock ourselves in the studio with Andre Winter for a few days and come up with something new. We are very excited for it. Lets call it Operation Sound.  :-)

As of now there are too many works in progress at the moment to go into each of them -- we can’t say too much about them anyway -- but info will come soon on our social media outlets.

Outside of Mark Deutsche & Musoé, Mark has been producing for Timo Maas and I myself have been busy managing the German territory for a few artists -- Matt Sassari for example -- while we've been setting up a few other side projects. Keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be a big year!

We hope we were able to make you guys the Mark Deutsche & Musoé things a bit more interesting :)

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