Guetta, deadmau5 Face Off After Native American Themed Party


Cultural appropriation has been a pored-over topic of the year, and David Guetta is now taking flak for a recent Native American-themed night during one of Guetta's signature "Fuck Me I'm Famous!" parties at Pacha Ibiza. The event featured a number of partygoers and artists, including the DJ, wearing Native American headdresses. Additionally, Guetta brought a horse into the center of the club.

In response, an outcry erupted over the Internet. deadmau5 chimed in with some choice words about David Guetta and pacha:

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A fan petition also demands that Guetta restrain from using horses in his live show. While deadmau5 focused his criticism on allegations of improper animal care, a number of Toronto festivals have also responded by banning attendees from wearing headdresses. Read their comments and watch the original video taken at the Ibiza party below.




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