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Ibiza fights MTV over 'Ibiza Shore'

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Ibiza season is in full swing at the moment on Spain's noted party island, but one set of overly-tanned muff cabbage won't be there to enjoy the weather. The government of Ibiza is currently exploring legal options to prevent MTV from commencing production of Ibiza Shore in August as they had originally planned.

The island's local government president, Vicent Torres, stands firmly opposed to Ibiza Shore, asserting that the government was unanimous and “if we can stop this, we will.” He emphasizes that Ibiza's government doesn't wish to further promote its infamous reputation for debauchery, adding that “that's a side of Ibiza that we're not interested in at all.
It’s a matter of image, that’s what worries us.”

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Other business owners have joined the government in opposition to MTV, like Alexis Carini, president of the island's association of caterers. “I don’t have anything against the producers; I’m just reflecting an opinion that many share here in Ibiza, that we don’t want this program here,” says Carini. Though his decision not to bid for Ibiza Shore's catering contract could cost his business almost $30,000, he seems content with the potential loss. “It was worth it. For the past few years we’ve been working to change the image of Ibiza, after years of reports about vulgarity, drugs and people vomiting in the streets. That’s not how the island is any more.”

The Spanish leftist party, Podemos, urged businesses and consumers against supporting Ibiza Shore:

“We know that it’s hard to impede this show from being made, but we’re encouraging everyone to do what they can to avoid Ibiza Shore becoming a reality. It’s up to all of us to associate Ibiza’s name with quality tourism and avoid, as much as possible, connecting Ibiza with these kinds of stereotypes and embarrassing clichés.”

MTV Spain has refused to comment.

Source: The Guardian
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