Interview: The Winner Of Our "Get Discovered" Contest: Otis


Interview: The Winner Of Our "Get Discovered" Contest: Otis

We Caught up with the winner of our “Get Discovered” contest Otis (aka Otis Farnhill) that we did with DCC Studios and V-Moda to learn more about him and what influences his style. We chose Otis because of the maturity of his production and his dialed in sound that is a quintessential example of contemporary “big room” electronic dance music. It turns out we weren’t the only ones that really liked what he was doing, Spinnin’ records also gave him a nod as well.

So we wanted to give Otis a proper congratulations and thank all of our participants for submitting your music, there was some great stuff in there and a very hard decision for our editors.

Who are some of your major influences right now and what are some of your favorite genres of Electronic Dance Music?

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I have a lot of influences! Martin Garrix is a huge one for me, his style is always evolving and the way he creates energy in a track is something that I think is really inspiring. Headhunterz is another, he’s got his own unique sound and always produces hard-hitting tracks. Melodically, Avicii is a huge influence. Although his influence on me isn’t really noticeable in the tracks I’ve released so far, I’m working on some new music which is influenced by his melodic style.

What is your DAW of choice and why?

Logic Pro is my DAW of choice. It’s the software I’ve used from the start and it’s the one that I’m most comfortable with. I occasionally use FL Studio as well; in fact my upcoming remix of Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank ft Delaney Jane has been largely produced on FL Studio 11.

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