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Is Pioneer DJ Taking Rekordbox Into The DJ Software Game?

Is Pioneer DJ Taking Rekordbox Into The DJ Software Game?

Has Pioneer DJ finally decided to take Rekordbox to the next level? This teaser video just dropped and it's strongly hinting that we are going to see this kind of evolution of their track management software. With Native Instruments stepping up their game with adding "stems" to the mix we can only guess that Pioneer DJ has been feeling the heat to evolve their product offering a bit. Check out this great article from the guys at DJ Worx, they dive deep on the speculation and make some really good points.

DJ Worx Article 

You have no idea how much I despise idle speculation without facts. But when Pioneer DJ pushes out a teaser video that appears to show Rekordbox changing from library manager to full DJ software, I’m forced to tear said video apart and see what can be gleaned from it.

But first, I’d like to start with…

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When the very first performance features appeared in recordbox, it was obvious to me where this was going, and I’ve stated it many times over. Back then I posed the question to the team, and while at first the response was one of thinking I was a bit mental, over the last year or so, we’ve all come round to the same way of thinking.

My thinking has been driven by a seemingly throwaway comment tossed in my general direction at a trade show. It was along the lines of “if a DJ needs it, we want to be able to fulfil that need”. When you think about it, The PLX-1000 turntable is little more than a product gap filler and hardly expected to make Pioneer DJ pots of cash in an already full market.

But Pioneer still needs to talk to the software industry — more so Serato though, as they partner to put out hardware. So for me, it was a no-brainer that Rekordbox would become much more than it already is. And now that Mixvibes is no longer in the Rekordbox equation, it’s just a matter of time and resource as to where Rekordbox will go.

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