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Justin Bieber Gets Pierced With Massive Penis In New Jack Ü Video


Yesterday, Jack Ü (Diplo and Skrillex) and Justin Bieber officially released their music video for "Where Are Ü Now," receiving massive praise and already racking up almost 5 million plays just on the YouTube upload. The video allowed anyone in the Los Angeles area to come show off their artistic skills, and the creators used these sketches to fill the scenes around Justin Bieber.

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Many people have spent the last few days looking for their images or just any hidden messages, and one very large drawing appeared very briefly that is about to stir up some major attention. Whether this was intentional or somehow missed, Justin Bieber's body's basically gets pierced with a giant penis at the 2:03 mark (set speed to .25). 

It happens insanely quick, but you can see the picture below. We can't imagine Justin being very happy about this unless he has really lightened up and was down with the joke. Either way, this is really funny and we love Jack Ü for bringing such a creative concept to the table. Watch the video below, and see what you can spot.

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Source: Reactshare

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