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Justin James Takes Miami Down The Minimal Rabbit Hole


You know a party was cracking when you walk out of a nightclub and a homeless man saunters over to you and rather than asking for change, he asks, "How was it in there? Everyone that has left has had that same sweaty smile you got going on." Yes, it was that obvious: Justin James’s 5 hour set at Steam was a one of a kind night.

He took everyone in attendance way down the rabbit hole with his dark, minimal techno flavor with a little help from the club’s lighting staff; they didn’t do much, but what they did was perfect. One colored spotlight, one fogger, and one killer DJ adds up to one memorable night.

Justin started his marathon set with some really dark, borderline psychedelic techno, and he matched those vibes with the technical side of his mix - long breakdowns that truly played with the soundscape and teased the dance-floor. The crowd that was already there at 12:30 was into it, big time. Feeding off of their energy, he started dropping tracks with bigger drums, dropping the bass-lines with less hesitation, getting everyone really locked into the groove, and then BOOM! Next thing I know, it’s 2:30 AM and he is dropping some ridiculous rolling techno.

He kept the club rocking, but as 4 AM started to roll around, a lot of the patrons started to make their way out; maybe those that were leaving were more visually oriented and they got tired of looking at the same DJ for 4 hours. That’s the only explanation I can come up with, because his set was far from redundant, it was a flawlessly executed journey.

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I have seen promoters put together techno lineups that carried the same vibe nearly throughout the entire night and 3 different DJ’s, so I just want to take a moment and give Humans Alike some big ups for trusting the entire night’s vibe with Justin, he did not disappoint.

I ended up staying until the lights turned on, and when they did I was really hoping Justin would dive back in for another couple of tracks like the rest of the crowd was begging for, but I didn’t stay to find out. I had a sudden moment of clarity and realized that I had stayed for his entire marathon set like I had sworn I wouldn’t; I had to go home, grab my bag, and catch a 6AM flight.

Was it worth it? Of course! I almost missed my flight… But, I caught my plane and passed out with that same stupid smile.

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