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Less Than 30 Days Until Imagine Festival!

imagine front 2015

Before we get into this year, if you want the true blue review of last year's Imagine experience, check out our coverage HERE!

Last year, I was part of something big. Big in the sense that my heart grew enough to make the Grinch jealous. My group of friends got bigger in both quantity and quality, and my old ones grew closer. Imagine gave me friends I would get to know for a year to come, and now’s time to bring them all together for one more weekend free of judgement, stress, and all the other trials of life. The best thing about festivals is you leave your bullshit at the gates. As soon as you step into the venue, you feel something... (no something ELSE), acceptance. Imagine’s space is beautifully tailored to make people feel like they can mingle freely without getting lost or unable to find their group.

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imagine lineup

Let’s talk about that lineup… Last year, we saw some really heavy hitters like Infected Mushroom, RJD2, Seven Lions, and Rusko. Sick, but this year’s looks just as beastly with Tipper, Datsik, and The Crystal Method (...yeah, they went there). The usual rabble is mixed in there, too. We’ll get lean’d out icy crunkness from Lil John and the Ying Yang Twins, and fist-pumpy grooves from Dada Life and The Glitch Mob. We can live with these things, as long as Sky Blu doesn’t show his face in Atlanta ever again.

If you were there last year, you know exactly what’s going down that weekend. If you weren’t but have tickets, know your money couldn’t have possibly been better-spent. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, they’re on the cheap and are close to selling out, find the remainder here!

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