Lights Down Low Have Fort Romeau Coming to San Francisco 7/25


Fort Romeau, Fort Romeau, where art thou my Fort Romeau? Oh, you're at Monarch on 7/25 compliments of those great guys by the name of Lights Down Low. I may have mispronounced Fort Romeau, I may have not, I really don't care, but what I do care about is you, me and he all getting down come caturday evening. It'll be great, it'll be swell, it'll be sweaty deep down in that rave dungeon and most of all, it will be a night to remember. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW OR HATE YOURSELF FOREVER!

Fort Romeau, for those not in the know, is one of Ghostly's hottest talents, and his latest album has all the peoples going crazy. Check out this boiler room set if you need more convincing.

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Also coming through to provide the soundtrack for your evening is another Ghostly darling by the name of Moderna, and filling out the billing is the always awesome LDL resident DJ Richie Panic.

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