Listen: Dillon Francis x Skrillex Collaboration Finally Drops


Dillon Francis x Skrillex Collaborations Finally Drops

There is always a lot of anticipation when two major artists announce a collaboration, especially Skrillex because you always want to see how his bassy dubstep influences will effect the track. On "Bun Up The Dance" you get a nice Moombahton cut that features a ragga top line vocal from Georgia Ku, and is the latest track to be released from Dillon Francis' upcoming This Mixtape Is Fire EP and is available now upon preorder of the EP HERE.

Is the track any good is the question? It's solid, and the devil is really in the details here, you will hear subtle Skrillish influences, but it's not going to smack you over the head or dramatically change the genre. It's a good track if you like ragga/Moombahton, and I suppose that's what we call a B, maybe a C+ if we were going to rate it like that.

On the next one it would be great to see the two take some risks, this one just seems well... kind of phoned in but in a good way if that makes any sense. Say what you want about Jack U but that collab was interesting and took some risks, and that's always cool to see, at least until you hear Bieber, that made me a bit sad. Lonely on a mountain, no friends, no family, have terminal cancer kind of sad.

But I digress, check DJ/Comedian D. Francis out tonight live at Lolla, info below.


For fans that would like to experience Dillon’s set at Lollapalooza Music Festival but will not be attending in Chicago this weekend, tune into Channel 3 on at 7 pm CT tonight for a live stream of all the action.

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