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Listen To deadmau5 Play Bass Guitar On Addicting Hip-Hop Track

Listen To deadmau5 Play Bass Guitar On Addicting New Track

You just never know when you're going to get new music from deadmau5. He uses his Soundcloud to upload random sketches whenever he feels compelled in between big shows and Twitter rants, and his most recent effort is actually a remake of a track he did back in 2013.

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The original was a more grime influenced hip-hop track featuring UK rapper Shotty Horror, and now he has taken a new direction with this version. It's still hip-hop, but it's a much more Flying Lotus, Nujabes, and J Dilla inspired sound. We would have never guessed this was deadmau5, but we love watching an artist push the boundaries of their sound.

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New Version (Released Today)

Old Version (Released 2013)

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