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Loco Dice's Back: New Album, Lead Single W/ Brit Rapper


Loco Dice's first album 7 Dunham Place came out when he was still an underground phenomenon: since then, his excellent live sets have turned him into one of the world's most sought after names in house and techno. He's released a number of EPs since then, but finally today he announced Underground Sound Suicide, his long-awaited sophomore album.

“It’s been 7 years since ‘7 Dunham Place’ - my first electronic album,” Loco Dice reflects. “An artist album isn't just a compilation of club tracks. It’s a concept that allows experiments, that opens up spaces for narratives and allows the artist to go really far. At least that is the way I see it. I put everything into it, it was all or nothing. Martin Buttrich and I packed our studio and moved to Brooklyn in 2006. That album is a musical document of my time in and experience of Brooklyn - it sums up a period of my life and for me, it was a natural conclusion.”

The album will feature collaborations with Chris Liebing and hip-hop turned trap / house producer Just Blaze.

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“We invited guests to jam with, rock the drum machines, synths and old, raw gear with us. Guti, Miguel de Ipola, Kobe aka Pimp Jackson, Chevy, my old hip-hop crew with whom I used to share stinky hotel rooms and tour buses in 1995. All the dots connected. What was meant to be warm-up sessions with guests, instantly became the sound I was looking for and the soundtracks to these new scenarios.”

Alongside the announcement, Pete Tong premiered the album's lead single "Get Comfy" featuring the English rapper Giggs: it will be available for digital download on July 31st. Listen to a radio rip of the track below.

"There have been so many changes around me since my first album that became a narrative for Underground Sound Suicide and in a way, I used music as a transmitter," says Loco Dice. "It comes from the heart and is a testimony of who I am now."

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