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Recent years have seen Belgium-based producer Ramon Tapia become a protagonist in the underground. His awesome blend of house and techno has won support across the board, excelling thanks to its raw and unpretentious nature. Legends like Mark Knight at Toolroom Records and John Digweed at Bedrock have been quick to snap up works from the talented producer, who recently has become a mainstay at DJ Sneak'sI'm A House Gangster imprint.  Last month, Tapia featured his third release 'True Definition' with the label, a quality four track EP, which comes stacked with a remix from mixmaster DJ Sneak himself.

This week, fresh from a monster performance alongside Sneak and co. at Privilege Ibiza, Tapia takes five to talk I'm A House Gangster, White Isle hang-outs and new horizons while providing an exclusive guest mix.

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Thanks for stopping by Ramon! Delighted we have you in the hot-seat! Kicking things off, tell us something we don't know about Ramon Tapia!

Ramon Tapia: Uhhhhh... I love pringles?

You've been hitting it hard with DJ Sneak, Junior Sanchez & Co. at Privilege Ibiza recently. Is the White Isle still as magical as ever?

Ramon Tapia: Yeah, great night that was, and for sure that Ibiza is magical. It has a place in my heart forever. The island breathes music and it just always gives me that upper I crave for after a long winter.

Outside of clubbing, what are your three favourite hangouts in Ibiza?

Ramon Tapia: I love the beaches in ibiza like Benniras, Cala Conte and of course the small island 30 minutes away by boat Formentera. It's just mindblowing beautiful. Ibiza has so many places that are great to hang out but I prefer these 3.

When did you first meet Sneak and how did you get involved with the I'm A House Gangster crew?

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Ramon Tapia: First time I spoke to Sneak was after I did a remix for him on Snatch Records from Riva Starr. He told me that he really digged my sound and was a fan and after that we connected really fast and I became good friends with him, that was just 1.5 years before he started his I'm A house gangster label. So once he was planning the label, he asked if I would be up to doing a release there, and here we are at number 3 already.

The True Definition EP' was released recently on the imprint. It's fire! What were the influences behind its production?

Ramon Tapia: The main track 'True Definition' was actually an accident I was fooling around with some beats and when I dropped a random file in there and opened the filter. The vocal came out saying definition, haha. After analyzing where the vocal came from I found the fitting funk section while dancing in the studio.

'Barrydubb' is based on Barry White and his typical sleazy funk groove. 'Motion' came to life after the idea I had to make a house track that could have been made in 1996, old skool pads and groove for the win.

You've also just released the 'Inferior' EP on Moan Recordings. What can you tell us about that? Where did you put the tracks together?

Ramon Tapia: Yeah this EP is a bit more techno but still Ramon Tapia and like most of my tracks made in my cozy studio at home with my housecat Garfield on the table.

For 'Inferior' I took on the sleazy techno vibe with piercing hats and subby low end I wanted to create something more hypnotic or try hahaha. 'Crayon' is more on the old school approach with the edgy synth stab and wobbling drums fun track to make and was done in half a day. I wish that all tracks popped out like that haha!

Your schedule is crazy busy right now, where do you find time to chill out?

Ramon Tapia: You have to make time, I mean I could be always in the studio and/or traveling but you have to break that to become more motivated and to not get tired of all this. After all it has to stay fun or else it doesn't make sense to keep on doing it.

For instance going in the park for a walk makes me come to peace, or just a day watching movies chilling with my loved ones.

What does the rest of the Summer have in store for you?

Ramon Tapia: Playing Festivals and Clubs in Belgium , Turkey, Italy, Ibiza (Magna Carta Residency at Sankeys Ibiza), Holland, Croatia, Swiss, UK, Barcelona (Razzmatazz) and Germany. Getting the clothing on the move for Say What? Recordings and making new music. Signing new music for Aella and Say What, a remix will come out for Guy J on his Lost & Found label and a new Bedrock Release in September. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots but that is what's coming in to my mind right now :D

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