Chlorine Water Rafting Vol. 1 (Deep, Melodic, Tropical House Music Mix)


Magnetic Presents: Chlorine Water Rafting Vol. 1 (Deep, Melodic, Tropical House Music Mixed Up For Summer)

Welcome to our new series, Chlorine Water Rafting Vol. 1, a mix that screams summer with laidback grooves that will get you bouncing. No big room here kids, this is melodic, smooth house music that will get you in the mood for some kind of ridiculous tropical drink... maybe a Mai Tai? just a suggestion.

Magnetic Mag CoFounder David Ireland has selected and mixed some of our favorite jams this summer. We hope you enjoy and make sure to get some horizontal siesta time a s a p.

MAGNETIC MAGAZINE Presents: Chlorine Water Rafting Vol 1. by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

Track / Artist

Santa Maradona FC (Niklas Ibach Mix) - Give Me Sunshine
Catchfire - Spada Feat. Anna Leyne
Birds Flyin High - Mowe
Riva (Spada Remix), - Klingande Featuring Broken Back
The Owner (Anoraak Mix), NTEIBINT Feat. Stella,
From Gold (Henri Pfr Mix) - Novo Amor
La Madrague (Antis Mix) - Brigitte Bardot
Long Lost Century (Stone Van Brooken Mix) - The Woodlands
The Woods (Alex Schulz Mix) - Hollow Coves
Ghost ft. Patrick Baker (Lane 8 Rework) - Unknown
Something New - Faul & Wad Ad
Don't Stop Believen' (MYNGA Remix) - Journey

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