Music Spotlight: Casino Beats - Top Tracks to Gamble With


Music Spotlight: Casino Beats: Top Tracks to Gamble With

The gambling world has provided a wealth of creative fodder for musical acts of all persuasions, including aspiring DJs and dance deities, over the last few years. In fact, the dance world has a longest running association with the gambling community thanks to Las Vegas. Every year many of the game's finest spinners set down their decks in Sin City and wowed the crowds at pool parties and club nights, which has made the gambling den something of a music Mecca.

As well as spinning the latest tracks making waves in the club world, some DJs have taken this gambling vibe and created their own tunes. Picking up on everything that makes casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, so entertaining, these tunes may not have become mainstream hits but they certainly capture the euphoria of a big win.

In fact, with more gamblers now choosing to ante-up online at sites such as 32Red Casino, bet365 and William Hill, there's now a growing trend for casino beats to grind along to. Providing the perfect accompaniment to any session at the virtual felt, tunes with a gambling vibe can help ease the pain of a loss or help you celebrate a win.

In the interests of giving you some tips when it comes to finding the perfect gambling beat, we've picked out some of the best examples of this niche musical genre:

Vegas by Clubstrophobia

Norway may not be the first place you think of when you hear the words "dance music", but thanks to Clubstrophobia, Bergen now lays claim to a track that perfectly sums up a city thousands of miles away.

Aside from being nominated for the Best Music Video award by the British Animation Awards in 2004, Vegas is almost hedonistic in its vibe. Telling the story of a twisted relationship using a raft of gambling allusions, this tune is the perfect chill out track for anyone who needs to calm down after a tough losing streak.

Although it's probably better to step away from your computer and come back when you're temperature has lowered, this dance tune can certainly offer some light relief when the stakes are high and your luck is low.

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Pokerface by Lady Gaga (David Audé Club Remix)

Poker might occupy the same casino space as the likes of blackjack and roulette, but it's one that frequently played live and online. For that reason we can't ignore a major hit such as the Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Although the original was more of a pop track than a club track, it was such as hit that it's been sampled and remixed hundreds of times.

One of the standout remixes in recent years is by producer, house DJ and master remixer (he even remixed Disney's Let it Go), Dave Audé. The US DJ managed to take Miss Gaga's work and spin it into something that's capable of captivating the crowds inside a laser filled nightclub.

The most notable part of Audé's remix is the extended intro which brings the song to a natural crescendo. Although some may find the eight-minute timeframe somewhat imposing, the song does manage to take something poppy and transform it into something more clubby.

If you're a gambler looking to up the ante and get your juices flowing, then this tune will certainly do that.

Under Control by Calvin Harris and Alesso

Although this track isn't about gambling or casinos, it was voted one of the top Vegas tunes when it was released in 2014 and it's stayed a club favourite ever since. From XS and Tryst to Wet Republic's famous pool party at the MGM, this collaboration between Calvin Harris and Alesso is one that's defined Vegas dance music over the last few years.

Aside from offering a classic blend of impressive vocals and distinctive beats, Under Control is the perfect mantra for the aspiring gambler. Keeping control of your emotions is a key skill every gambler needs to master if they want to be a success and this track is the perfect reminder of that.

Indeed, as the energy of the song peaks and fades (just as emotions do when you're gambling) the overriding message is that you need to stay in control if you want to avoid a disaster. It's not often that songs provide the perfect advice for the canny gambler, but this Vegas classic is one that certainly does that if you're willing to listen.

Gambling, whether it's in a Vegas casino or online on a site such as 32Red, is entertaining and frustrating in equal measure. If luck doesn't go your way then it can be tough to keep your emotions in check. Fortunately, music can set your soul free and the gambling inspired tracks we've picked out in this article should provide the perfect tonic for a losing session or act as a great accompaniment to any big money wins.

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