“Name Dropping” EDM Industry Podcast With Guest Blaise DeAngelo (Label Manager, OWSLA Records)

“Name Dropping” EDM Industry Podcast With Guest Blaise DeAngelo (Label Manager, OWSLA Records)

This week Magnetic Magazine's Christian B. catches up with Blaise DeAngelo, OWSLA Records' Label Manager. For those of you who may not know, OWSLA is the label that Skrillex created along with friends and colleagues Kathryn Fraizer (Biz3), Clayton Blaha (Biz3) and Tim Smith (Bloodcompany Management). The label has been incredibly influential in shaping the sound of modern electronic dance music and beyond.

So for our second edition of Name Dropping, please meet Blaise DeAngelo. Enjoy.


Blaise DeAngelo - OWSLA Records Label Manager

Blaise DeAngelo Bio

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Blaise DeAngelo manages Skrillex’s OWSLA label full-time, DJs under the name Blaise James sometimes, and eats sushi all the time—occasionally all at the same time.

Growing up in Atlanta in the ‘90s, DeAngelo was heavily influenced by the “dirty South” hip-hop movement, which later gave way to house music, as he went off to college at the University of Florida and met new friends from Miami. He had always been into throwing parties and entertaining people since he was in middle school—not for a love of partying, but for a love of sharing music and engineering enjoyable experiences for his friends.

In college, DeAngelo started promoting parties and soon became disenfranchised with the musical offerings of local clubs; so he taught himself how to DJ on his roommate’s 1200s in 2009. That made him realize he could make a career out of sharing music with people. This led to his first job—Director of Artist Relations at the (now defunct) streaming service Grooveshark—where he helped artists and labels promote their music.

In 2012, DeAngelo met Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex. He was doing the same thing, albeit on a bigger scale: connecting with millions of people around the world through music and experiences he curated. Moore had started OWSLA to empower like-minded artists to do the same. Now, DeAngelo helps him make that a reality, and life couldn’t be better.

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