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PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

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PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

We got the first PAX a couple years ago and were impressed by what they were doing and the innovation they were bringing to the portable vaporizer market. The team at Ploom (now they are called PAX) had truly set the bar. We actually compared it to the iPhone and in many ways it holds true, the first PAX wasn’t perfect, but it was thinking big and just like the iPhone became a standard. So we were, of course, excited to check out the new PAX 2 and all of its upgrades.

Design and Functionality:

The PAX set the bar in design and sleekness, from the packaging to the actual unit; everything was sleek. Packaged much like an Apple product it immediately feels premium right of the box.

The PAX 2 is noticeably smaller than the original and seems around 25% smaller. The retractable mouthpiece is gone if favor of a small flat vent that is pressed to the lips. The power button is still in the mouthpiece, a little button in the center of the device.

One of the big upgrades is the new chamber for your botanicals; it’s bigger and now provides a more consistent heat up for a better vaping experience.

Aesthetically the PAX 2 has not only reduced its size but now comes in a sleek brushed aluminum in 4 colors (Black, Blue, Red, and Gray).

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The charging system is very similar to the last one, using a USB power supply that takes about two to three hours to charge fully your unit. The newly formed Pax Labs, Inc. is providing a ten-year warranty that should make any consumer feel pretty confident in their purchase.

PAX 2 Vaporizer Review


The PAX 2, just like the evolution of the iPhone, is much improved. It is sleeker, has more room in the bowl, is easier to clean and is still backed up by an amazing warranty. The price might be a little steep but if you are a serious head, this is the tool that you want in your portable arsenal. We will still stand by that the PAX is truly the iPhone of Vaporizers.

MSRP: $279.00

Buy The PAX 2 Here  

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