Picture This! Rome's 5 Best Night Spots in Photos

Ever wonder what the Rome party scene actually looks like? Well, Magnetic has boots on the ground, so we sent Alessandro Ceschi out there and this is what he found! He's got good taste, so pay close attention to his well curated photographic selections! Alessandro chose places that have shown him different sides of his personality -- the tourist, the hipster, the young urban male, the intellectual, the party-goer.

Although he's clearly confused with his personality, we're sure that you'll find the best fit for your night in Rome among the ones you're just about to see.

1. Colors

The #italianflag at Colors in Trastevere--a #shot of grenadine, sambuca, and absinthe featuring Italy's flag colors. In a bar where people speak English and play beer pong, this shot will remind you which country you're in.

Una foto pubblicata da Alessandro Ceschi (@ale_ceschi) in data: 21 Giu 2015 alle ore 16:00 PDT

Two honeymooners from Utah once walked into Colors. The man in the couple bought a round of shots for the whole bar. I dropped mine, and I apologized to him promptly. "Shit happens," the man said gently as he ordered another shot for me. On the same night, an Irish guy hugged my friend just because he's a ginger. Colors is the right place to make this sort of encounters--people who come from wherever, stop by for a night, and share their joy with you.

2. Bestia Mora

Bestia Mora--a #hipster bar in Pigneto, a posh district in Rome. Bicycles are on the walls and #tofu tacos are on the menu Una foto pubblicata da Alessandro Ceschi (@ale_ceschi) in data: 23 Giu 2015 alle ore 01:19 PDT

Pigneto is Rome's gentrified district--young creatives in fancy bars talking about independent films and drinking foreign beer. I once witnessed a friend choosing his beer at Bestia Mora (the list read: Urrhell, Pils, Dunkel, Keller, Speziator Bionda, Weizen Doppelbock). Then he said: "I wish I could just get a Peroni"--your run-of-the-mill Italian beer. Romans trying to be hipsters are a show worth watching.

3. Garbo

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Garbo, a bar in Trastevere where people every Wednesday go and read stuff that they wrote, or that they just like #rome #onassignment @magnetic_magazine

Una foto pubblicata da Alessandro Ceschi (@ale_ceschi) in data: 25 Giu 2015 alle ore 02:03 PDT

An inspiring choice for your Wednesdays.

4. Lanificio

#Feria: from #sunset to the night. #Lanificio #Terrace #drink #bar #rome #Pietralata #instaPicSize   Una foto pubblicata da laramorettamastra (@laramorettamastra) in data: 20 Giu 2015 alle ore 14:14 PDT

In the summer, Lanificio becomes a 10,000 square foot third-floor terrace. Its in-house restaurant grills meat, fish, and vegetables. Dj sets range from deep house to hip-hop and reggae.

5. Gasometro



Photo: facebook.com/gasometrorivaostiense

Gasometro--a group of bars by the Tiber River and Rome's old gasometer--will be there every night until September 15th, starting next Wednesday, July 1st. Turning a bleak industrial area into a lively spot by the river, half a million people went to Gasometro throughout last summer.

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