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Premiere: "Flammable" EP by Nina Indi


The Belarusian beauty Nina Indi has been making some waves in the blogosphere with her killer work behind the decks, releasing one hot mixtape after the other as she tears apart the Eastern European techno scene. She is ready to show the world that she is a force to be reckoned with because she is as talented in the studio as she is behind the decks. Her debut EP "Flammable" is coming to you via upstart American label, Keep Playing Records. They did a great job of supplementing her rolling techno tracks with select remixes that truly bring the release together, offering it some versatility and depth.

We have the exclusive world premiere for you right here, along with our take on each track so you can get the first listen to brand new talent Nina Indi. Be sure to follow Nina Indi and Keep Playing Records on Soundcloud so you can be the first one to get your copy when this drops on July 26th!

Flammable (Original Mix)

The title track on Nina’s EP is a playful and bouncy techno track that seductively plays with the space of the mix while providing a banging bass-line that delivers consistently throughout the rolling composition. This is a club track through and through that has already seen dancefloors across the globe pump to its undeniable groove.

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Insomnia (Original Mix)

Insomnia shows off Nina’s more agressive side. The track starts with a slow and ominious build, allowing the bass-line to swell and the kicks to come into center stage. The hard groove is established early in this tune and she builds on it with killer execution on the percussive melody and vocal sample manipulation laid over her increasingly tough bass-line.

Insomnia (Igor Shep Remix)

Igor Shep’s take on Insomnia is a slightly deeper and more reserved track than Nina’s Original Mix. By adding his dark, edgy twist on the track, he provides some serious versatility for the album. His track builds playfully as it does carefully, taking the audience on a deep groove throughout its run.

Flammable (F.eht Remix)

F.eht takes Flammable to the world of minimal with this increasingly complex, loungey reimagining of the track. The track meticulously builds on itself in what is an utterly impressive display of composition, taking the listener on a journey from start to finish. In my opinion, this is the highlight of the release.

Flammable (Kellam Remix)

NYC’s Kellam puts a Deep House spin of epic proportions on Flammable. He impresses with the horn synths, the playful plucked bass-line, and the dramatic soundscape, creating an elegant and emotionally charged atmosphere.

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