Prototype Tonight at LOT 613 with Howling (only West Coast appearance) & ÂME (LIVE)

Prototype Tonight at LOT 613 with Howling (only West Coast appearance) & ÂME (LIVE)

Frank Wiedemann of both Howling & Ame fame is getting set to invade LA because both of these music projects of his will be making a headlining appearance tonight at LOT 613 in Downtown LA along with Culprit's own Droog and Plastic Love aka Jimmy Maheras & Bas.

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First up on the bill is Howling, Frank Wiedemann's newest project along with Ry Cuming better known to most as RY X. The duo Howling was born from an Innervisions single from 2012 entitled "Howling" by Frank Wiedemann and of course RY X. One year later they collaborated again for another single called "The Shortline"and now two years later here they've officially banded together as Howling for a full LP called Sacred Ground. In support of their critically-acclaimed album they are touring the world but only making two stops in the U.S. with of course this LA stop being one of them.

Sharing the headlining spot with Howling is Frank Wiedemann's preeminent musical project with Kristian Beyer, ÂME. This foremost duo is very well known for co-founding the ever-important Innervisions imprint but it is their single "Rej" which will forever cement their illustrious achievement in electronic music. Have a listen to what many in dance music say is the most important track of the last ten years!

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A limited amount of tickets are still available over at Resident Advisor

Date /
31 July 2015
10:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Venue /
Lot 613
613 Imperial Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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