Multifaceted & Pretty As A Rose...Ruby Rocks Exchange LA


She came,
She saw,
And she rocked the Exchange…

tattoo pic


(photo: the guardian pr)

Prison gem, Ruby Rose a/k/a “Stella Carlin” (Season 3 / “Orange Is The New Black”) ditched her convict orange scrubs to deliver a night of bass heavy bangers to an audience of swooning ladies with some fellas sprinkled here and there.



(photo: ruby rose media)

Outside of her stunning model looks, Ruby has proven herself to be quite the actress on the Netflix hit series and almost immediately has commanded a massive following of lovely lasses whenever she takes to the decks.

But let’s rewind…

The night started with a enormously long line of a fashionably dressed melting pot of club goers all waiting impatiently to get into Exchange LA…one of Los Angeles’ biggest club venues that deliver quite the grand rave experience…


After getting searched with metal detectors and additional pat downs and a short set of stairs we were at the archway of the 2nd floor room. The music poured thunderously hard out of the opened doorways and walking in almost felt like you just stepped into a coliseum about to do battle gladiator-style!

DJ Missy B was hard at work delivering track after track after track keeping the energy and waiting crowd moving non-stop. Her audible skills were definitely the catalyst igniting the massive mob scene on the dance floor, so with our VIP credentials, we quickly made our way up the stairs to the mezzanine level overlooking EVERYTHING. The mezz is definitely the spot to be at... gyrating sweaty crowds are non-existent and the view was absolutely breathtaking.



Our booth was located above and behind the DJ booth, which gave us a bird’s eye view of what modern DJs (and the NOT-REALLY-DJs) of the EDM scene gaze upon whenever they stand before the CDJs. And what a view…wall-to-wall girls lined the front barrier and filled the floor…it was definitely a first for any club in Los Angeles, that I had ever been to. Women outnumbered the men 3 or 4 or even 5-to-1, but fellas, before you splash on the Drakkar Noir, wax the chests and pluck the nose hairs…be warned that most of these lovely gals were grooving for the girl power on stage…sorry guys…wrong equipment!

As the night progressed the crowd began to as well. The dance floor bars were no longer filled with money waving boozers but instead were met with the sweaty backs of the dancing masses.



Then it began...instantly the monstrously large LED panel and all the walls of the Exchange floor were illuminated with 2 words…”RUBY ROSE”… and the room exploded in screams as wall shattering bass drops poured out of the speakers!!!


Onto the stage there appeared a svelte beauty amidst the shrieking fans…



Almost immediately Ruby took to the decks and began delivering fan favorites ranging from bass banging chart toppers to vocal-heavy effervescence. She was on a mission to move the crowd and it was apparent that whatever formula she concocted, it was working.



The room was intoxicated with energy, so much so that a girl threw her pink panties onto the stage…which Ruby hilariously held high for the whole crowd to see.  She even tossed out shirts and towels throughout the night to swag-hungry fans and of course snapped a couple of crowd photos with her cellphone.


Massive cryo cannons sounded off to various beats in play as confetti blasters showered the entire room with floating paper petals...



Channeling her inner Rambo, Ruby commandeered a cryo-cannon to shower the crowd with CO2 blasts…


and at the end of the night adoring fans were gifted with a stage diving jewel, that is Ruby Rose…


(words: rich kim / photos: wearenightowls)

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