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The 5 Clubs In Ibiza You Have To Go To


Ibiza has been the go to clubbing holiday destination for an age and it’s no wonder considering the caliber of clubs it has to offer.  Set amidst the backdrop of golden beaches and blazing hot sun, it is the perfect place to relax by day and lose the plot by night.  Unlike many other places attempting to recreate a similar holiday experience, Ibiza is known for its low level of partygoer crime and its friendly atmosphere.  So, here are the top five clubs to pour your euros into this summer…


With an impressive capacity of 5000 people, Pacha is home to many of the most popular nights in Ibiza.  It’s a bit of a maze with its numerous levels, cavernous staircases and several rooms to explore, including an outdoor space.  I’ve heard people complain about the price of drinks here but it’s not far different to the other clubs and just shut up because you’re on holiday watching top DJ’s whilst other people are at home twiddling their thumbs.  The likes of Fourtet and John Digweed have performed here.



Considered to be the world’s largest ever night club, steer clear of Privilege if you get claustrophobic tendencies because with a capacity of 10,000 you’ll be getting down, dirty and intimate with literally everyone off the island.  This club is a spectacle in itself with 25 metre high ceilings and an aircraft hangar style design in the main room.  There is an indoor swimming pool… just because… and a DJ booth is suspended above it.  Have a listen to Laurent Garnier's set from Privilege...



About 1km away from Privilege is another clubbing hotspot aptly named, Amnesia; you certainly won’t be forgetting this club which opened back in the 70’s.  Its eclectic line-ups can be heard from its innovative custom made sound system which hones in on the frequencies that affects the bodies of dancers.  Of its two rooms, the second is most famous with its expansive arena becoming flooded with light through the glass ceiling as the sun rises.  It’s unique features are the cooling ice canons that line the dance floor so you don’t need to worry about being grossly sweaty. Have a look at Sub Focus opening for Amnesia...

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Having won the most awards in clubbing history, Space should definitely be one of your first points of call.  It’s been coined as the ‘temple of electronic dance music,’ and with its exclusivity to the best international DJ’s you can see why it’s gained such success.  It’s also considered one of the oldest clubs in Ibiza so in a way, it’s like visiting a museum but without the facts and the fossils and instead sick music and five different areas to enjoy.  Carl Cox is the favourite at Space... obviously...

Vagabundos 21-06-2015 by Ana Ruiz 28


Last but by no means least, is DC10.  Unlike the other clubs, this one is pretty intimate which more often than not lends itself to better sound quality.  It’s close to the airport so if you’re in the smoking area you can have one of those existential moments with yourself when you see a little plane flying over you and you start getting a bit emotional that you’re alive and your mate lent you five euros for an ice cream the other day etc… might be just me.  Either way… Lets change the subject and listen to Seth Troxler's closing party set.


So there we go. If you are lucky enough to be packing your bikinis and sun hats for Ibiza then pat yourself on the back because you are winning at life and you get to go to all these amazing clubs whilst I just sit and write about them.

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