The Prodigy: 'Albums bore the shit out of us' [Video]



Are The Prodigy finished making albums?

In an interview with NME, songwriter Liam Howlett explained: "We want to get to the point where we release EPs instead of albums. We're not really bothered about releasing albums any more. It just bores the shit out of me. The whole process just takes too long.

"If we can just get a couple of EPs written, then we can get them out more quickly, and it's better for everyone… time has changed, you know what I mean?"

The Prodigy mark their 25th anniversary this year, and despite talk of retirement, seem to be going strong as ever. Their latest album The Day Is My Enemy came out back in March, and already they're following it up with The Night Is My Friend EP, which drops July 31st. Watch the full interview with NME and check out the just-released video for "Get Your Fight On" below.

Source: NME

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