"There's nothing musical about the music industry" - Bassnectar's Not A Fan


"There's nothing musical about the music industry" - Bassnectar's Not A Fan

Indie artists have always had a bit of a contentious relationship with the music "industry" to say the least. Bassnectar is no different and along with artists like Pretty Lights,Above and Beyond and others had played the game in a slightly different manner. Check out this great interview on Thump, worth a read.

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"There's nothing musical about the music industry," says Lorin Ashton, known to the world as Bassnectar. "It's no more beautiful or special than the plumbing industry or the fucking military industry-—it's an industry. Many of the people who work in the central nervous system of that industry, are in it to make money and that's what [the music industry] exists to do."

For his fans and those who know him, these are characteristically strong words from an artist who has been immersed in music for nearly two decades. With 11 albums, countless mixtapes, remixes, and nonstop touring, Bassnectar has earned his place in the (perhaps, inappropriately-named) music industry and has no problem talking about the changes he wants to see around him.

"As an artist I've been screwed repeatedly and as fans you're screwed constantly," he says. "That's because of the music industry's disconnect of values. It doesn't exist to bring people together, just like Coke isn't going to save the world when they have singing children in their commercials; they're there to sell syrupy sugar water."

Read the article on Thump

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