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Throwback: Cleo & Patra - On The Nile EP

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Let's travel back five years to July 28, 2010, when Tiger & Woods' label Editainment released this disco house EP by Cleo & Patra. At the time, Tiger & Woods had yet to reveal their
identities, and the massive EP helped cement their reputations as top-notch nu disco house curators. It was only the fourth release from Editainment (and the first not by Tiger & Woods), and so far it's the only release Cleo & Patra has ever put out. In fact, no one even knows who Cleo & Patra are: when asked for comment on Twitter, all Tiger & Woods would tell us was that "it's not us."

Still, even if Cleo & Patra never release another second of music, this single EP will make its mark on dance floors from the back crates of some fine DJs for a long time to come. Tony Poland from Juno does an excellent job summing up the lineage and elements behind these tracks in his review, so I leave the description to him.

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"Spread across Side A is “Walk Like An Egyptian” which craftily melds the Rockers Revenge with Justus Kohncke. Lifting the vocals from the former’s balearic classic “Walking On Sunshine” and placing them atop the soaring bounce of Kohncke’s seminal mutant electro disco track “Time Code” which brings to mind Erol Alkan’s clever blends as opposed to the subsequent deluge of cheap imitators." - Tony Poland

"On the flip “Pharaoh Love” possibly indulges in some harmonious vocals from a nineties New Jack Swing cum R & B troupe and lays it over a killer mid tempo nu boogie groove with the sort of neck snapping break which sounds just right on a big system. “Marcus Antonius On The Run” is the one nod to traditional disco here with Cleo & Patra reworking Lenny William’s Paradise Garage classic “You Got Me Running” and embellishing it with some 2010 fatness." - Tony Poland

We haven't seen Editainment put anything out in 2015, but let's hope Tiger & Woods return to their own music or backing some mysterious nu-disco savant sometime soon.

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