Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 7.16.15 Chart


Apologies for the radio silence - been a hectic few weeks organising a house move to Brixxxxton. While the move isn't all venue orientated, the vibe of my venues of choice - Brixton Academy and Electric Brixton-  have gone a long way to convincing me that this part of town is for me. There ain't nothing that speaks to the soul like vibes, and Brixtonia is bursting full of them! As is (I hope) the list below which boasts the latest bad assery to hit Beatport this month...

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“24 Hours”
Volatile Cycle
Icarus Audio

Lyricism and drum and bass-ism...very good, very good indeed.

“Bill Folderson”
Rene Lavice
RAM Records

Widely know that Rene Lavice is killing it at the moment -'it', not Bill Folderson. I'm sure Bill is alive and well.

“Love So True”
Jrumhand & Scott Allen
Fokuz Records

Not my style at all yet I rate it all the same. More chilled than a New Zealander in a London summer....

“Simpler Times”
Break ft. Kyo
Symmetry Recordings

Swell vibes here from Break's new L.P. Sampler 1. Teaming up with Kyo for not the first time - and for good reason too!


Whoever penned the blurb for this tune has sold it right in - "This ominous single is a power-drive of bass and luscious synths along an array of gargantuan drum kicks." See if you're on board with those tremendous claims...

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Delta Heavy
RAM Records

Beauty! Destined to become a classic - can see this tune being rolled out forever more.

Tantrum Desire
Technique Recordings

Wait for it to heat up and boil over! Or if you're impatient like me, run ahead and start the track at a minute deep.

“Dead Limit”
The Upbeats & Noisia
Vision Recordings

Hardout meet heavy - heavy meet hardout. Now make a tune. Discuss!

“Dance Off”
Original Breed Recordings

Jam this track and go on, might as well have one for ironic kicks...

“Holding On (TC Bootleg)”

TC has been forever ruined in my esteem (I'm sure he cares very, very little) due to a particularly bad podcast I heard once. I cannot however, fault his actual talent.

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