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Top 10 Drum And Bass Tracks Of The Week - 7.23.15 Chart


In a recent and terrifying turn of events I have found myself whiling away the work week submerged in a cloud of...What!, you implore? Marijuana smoke? Chanel No. 5? No friends - tropical house. Or 'tropo' house as I've smugly coined it whilst boring my one friend about the merits of Kygo. It could not be a further shift from the general ear filth I generally engage with. It's led me to alter my thought process. Maybe switching things up every now and then is good? Maybe it helps us appreciate that music is an open relationship; we can always have a dabble and then go crawling back to our old love in due course. An approach not recommended for human relationships, I hasten to add! But dnb will always love me and I will always fancy the pants off it. That's just the way it is! Join me in indulging in your first and last love below...

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"Jet Lagged"
Renegade Hardware

This is what I call bad boy drum and bass. When I listen to it, I do that half sex face thing with my face whilst writhing my neck snake like to the underlying drone. I might not be hot but the track is!

“No Worries”
Critical Music

The irony of Subtension calling a track 'No Worries' is not lost on me, but I digress - the knocking overlay on this! Yes!

Delta Heavy
RAM Records

Delta Heavy are something spesh ain't they! I can see this ghoulish get up proper knocking the granite out of the dfloor.

NCT ft. Charlotte Haining
Liquicity Records

10 points and a sackful of high fives for whoever can guess how Jeroen Nai Chung Tong & Alexander Witschg coined their dnb alias. Relatively new and smashing it in the melodic drum and bass arena. P.S Dat album artwork.

"Go Fast Muthafucka (A-Cray Remix)"
Slippery Jack
Iolab Records

A commanding title like this isn't to be ignored. Urgent, beckoning drum and bass from Czech boy, A-Cray. I also urge to read the interview that's out there with him on dnb portal, it's a really good time.

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No introductions necessary! Netsky is back and putting his stamp all over our summer with his vibe heavy liquid love.

“Get This Right”
Viper Recordings

All the feels - anthemic dnb mavericks Koven do their bit for the eyes-shut-heart-holders amongst us.

Rene Lavice
RAM Records

"Perfecting his art, Rene ingeniously merges a more humanistic element with the smash, crash and reverberating instruments which have given him notoriety."

"Reckless (With Your Love) (Bensley Remix)"
Azari & III

Prettttttty. Despite being uncomfortably aware that my latest obsession with the more laidback side of life might have brought about this choice, I am willing to concede it as it's just a good tune. Bensley's on the rise folks, important to keep him in your headspace!

Gerra & Stone
Dispatch Records

In what might seem like an intentionally rebellious move, I have chosen this techy track of the five on Gerra & Stone's 'Unbreakable' EP. The only one of the five without a Beatport placing. Don't care, it's mint.

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