Top 10 Future Bass Tracks — 7.20.15 Chart

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I’m back again with another installment of the top 10 future bass tracks. This week really focuses on high energy future bass tracks perfect for festival season. There’s a little jersey club and house thrown in the mix, but expect to hear some festival ready anthems below.

Top 10 Future Bass Tracks — 7.20.15 Chart


Ramzoid secured the #1 spot on this week’s top 10 future bass tracks with the standout future bass masterpiece from his Green EP that was released today.

“Big Catzz”

With two tracks out in less than two weeks, Rustie has clearly been hard at work in the studio churning out his signature maximalist bangers.

“Drunk Texting”
Trippy Turtle

Although Trippy Turtle has been hard at work on music for his alias Lido, he took a break to bring us some quality jersey club complete with a plethora of catchy samples and snippets.

“On My Own feat. Nefera”

TroyBoi’s latest release breaks from his usual 808 laden future beat barrage in favor of more ambient and melodic elements.

“The Buzz feat. Mataya & Young Tapz (Sweater Beats Remix)”
Elefant Traks

As festival season rages on, Sweater Beats’ massive future bass anthem couldn’t have come at a better time.

”Sympathies Scrapbook (DZZ remix)”
Rudi Zygaldo

Totally crazy, high-energy future bass from DZZ, available by free mp3 download on SoundCloud.

“Summers Love feat. Tribes”
TastyTreat x NRMN

TastyTreat offers up some fresh future music with this very appropriately titled track.

“Stronger (Vindata Remix)”
Clean Bandit
Big Beat Records

Future bass duo Vindata make a return to the top 10 future bass tracks with this massive remix of Clean Bandit.

“Queen of France”

Royal continues to blend the worlds of synth pop and future bass with “Queen of France”.

“Walk With Me”
Cosmo’s Midnight

Cosmo’s Midnight rounds out this week’s chart with a downtempo uk garage/house style tune.

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