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Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks Of The Week - 7.2.15


In the states it is a holiday weekend, we have this thing called the 4th of July. What better way to celebrate than our Top Indie Dance selections! We have a masked figure at number one, a premiere of epic proportions fresh from Zane Lowe’s first show ever on Beats 1, and some babymaking music from Life on Planets. It is eclectic, and we’ll leave it at that. Now, light some fireworks, either literally or with your dance moves. Love life and live it up, it’s time to go on with our Top Indie Dance chart show!

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”Rumour Mill”
Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie & Will Heard
Asylum Records
I would say it appears Rudimental is back, but honestly it doesn’t seem like these cats ever went away. At play here is a romantic duet full of fun and energy. Boldly innovative and absolutely diverse, Rudimental keep it going in the right direction as they are known to do. Lest we forget, one of my favorite parts of the song is that subtle horn section that grabs you.


"Do It Again:
Krychek fet. Kento
Stop, drop and synth pop! Krychek & Kento collab for a gorgeous summer track. For some reason, in the slightest way, the guitar makes me think of the Cranberries’ hit “Dreams”, and that is just the best.


”We Are The People (Ardency Remix)”
Empire of the Sun
Oh these devilish remixers, these Ardency characters! Going back to Empire of the Sun’s first album, they take “We Are the People” on a synth filled journey, completely reimagining the song, and thus transcending it to the next level. Slowing it down, the song takes on an expansive quality that deepens it. Essentially, Ardency didn’t just remix this song, they took it for their own.


”Down For This (Paces Remix)”
Vanessa Elisha
Sultry future R&B with a sexy smile that is laid back but still very alive. It is the special sort of song with deep, bright feels.


Life on Planets
Wolf + Lamb Records
Babymaking time! Life on Planets are going to woo you, treat you right, and take care of you for the rest of the night. The songwriting at play here is nuanced and great. This album they have coming out is going to probably spawn a whole generation of beautiful babies out there on that dancefloor. Crew Love for life!

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”TV (Warpaint - Steez Remix)”
Eves The Behavior
The original already had an ethereal quality to it, and now this remix goes totally otherworldly. This song has a very afterlife feel that is enchants as much as it grooves.


"Weight in Gold"
The first premiere ever on Beats 1 on Zane Lowe’s first show was no small premiere. Gallant sings out his soul here, and it’s big, big, big! Expect to hear this song everywhere!


Sam Gellaitry
This selection is some of the coolest ice in song form you’ll ever encounter, so obviously it’s appropriately titled. But that break down at the 2:26 mark, oh yeah that shows you glaciers ain’t nothing to mess with!


"Run (Pakem Remix)"
I just stumbled on this song and it instantly stuck with me. It’s got a great disco vibe and it’s just too cool for school. Coming from Germany, Pakem and Chicaneur respectively, you’ve got my attention and now all eyes on you!


”Dear Life”
Claptone feat. Jaw
Exploited / Different Recordings
The masked figure (or possibly multiple characters) comes together again with Jaw for a masterpiece. It is Claptone’s deepest step into songwriting yet, and he really hits it right on the mark. Moving strength to strength, Claptone is one of the most spellbinding producers who is running the game.

Mix of the Week

Claptone’s Essential Mix
Throwing it back for that masked character as I truly feel like this may be the Essential mix of the year.


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