Top 10 Indie Dance Tracks - 7.23.15


The dog days of summer are upon us, but that don't mean a thing when it comes to Top Indie Dance! Move about, dance it up and prance about, there is still summer left in that sun my dear northern hemispherers! If pressed for a theme for this week, I would say it is smiles and deep feels with plenty of fun to the left and right. So, dance deeply and feel even deeper, it's time to dance independently with Magnetic's Top Indie Dance selections!

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”Summer ‘97”
GRiZ ft. Muzzy Bear
All Good Records
Let me tell you this... Any funktastic song that starts with a Matthew McConaughey, it's a certifiable winner, nuff said. You keep on keepin' on Griz! Perfect laidback summertime vibes in full effect here.


”Something About You”
Hayden James
Future Classic
Here is a track that slipped by me, but then it found me exactly when it needed to. So, here it is, all sorts of Future Classic well curated quality dance music.


Eric Prydz
Pryda Recordings
A long awaited release is about to be fully ready for the masses to consume, and that is of course the latest and greatest from Eric Prydz, "Opus". He's been closing out strong with it, so be ready for some epic feels when this track goes off.


”Impression of You”
Giraffage & Viceroy ft. Patrick Baker
Dim Mak
A Bay Area collaboration that deserves every ounce of your attention. Love lorn lyrics pave the way for a joyous work of indie pop, these gents can't stop, won't stop, all hail Dim Mak!


”Shout Away”
Oliver Dollar & Chuck Daniels
Is it just me or have the Rolling Stones samples been really bubbling up left and right? Well, thank god Oliver Dollar & Chuck Daniels either got with the trend or got ahead of it, but they have a beautiful groover that is just a shout away from being a confirmed classic.

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”Bring Me To Life”
MK feat. Milly Pye
The master of all things deep, MK is at it again with another wonderful track including a strong female vocal. The songwriting is intriguingly morbid and draws you in. He just seems to have the touch when it comes to the ladies in his music. I wonder if the same holds true outside the studio...


Lane 8 ft. Matthew Dear
Oh dear, it's Matthew Dear crushing the game yet again with those one of a kind vocals. Lending his god given talent this time to a Lane 8 work that absolutely shines. Get ready to feel something, and if you don't feel anything, you probably aren't human after all.


Major Lazer feat. Mø
Okay, it's the year of the Major Lazer & Mø. First they lean on, and now they cover Frank Ocean. What is next? A cover of Celine Dion?


”Look Over Your Shoulder”
SOHN and Kwabs dive deep into the heart of the human condition and pull something very special and expressive to see the light of day. I can only imagine what heartache must feel like for either of these gentleman, but when you fuse them together, BOY OH BOY YOU GOT A HIT!


”Embracing Me”
Crooning and swooning, singing and good musicing, that's what SAFIA is doing here with this week's number one. Beautiful and wonderful, so many adjectives in the world, and when applied here, they all point to this song as being good. Taking some tropical components and applying in a very non-tropical sense, so I approve, I APPROVE!


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