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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 7/27/15 CHART

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Top 10 Techno Tracks - 7/12/15 CHART


Taken from the Wikipedia page for Ibiza.

What is up Magnetic Magazine readers and lovers of all things tech! How is your summer going so far? This edition of the top 10 techno chart is choc full of summer heat. I have never been to Ibiza, but some of these tracks transport me to a hillside villa or a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea or one of the mega clubs that the island is so famous for. However, no matter where you are (even the southern hemisphere), these tracks will definitely get you in the summer party mood. Strap on those dancing shoes, people.


“Funky Dyno”
Mario Giordano
[Beat Therapy Records]
This track is out now on D-Unity’s Beat Therapy Records as part of Mario Giordano’s latest EP Funky Dyno. This title track is a proper warehouse banger with sweeping effects that seem to make the room get that much bigger and bolder, even if it is the size of a sardine can. The calm and cool vocal sample takes command of the room, injecting that funk straight to the bones.


“Function (VIP Edit)”
Justin Martin and Ardalan feat. Party Patty
The original mix of this track has been playing in my head everywhere I go and now Justin Martin and Ardalan have released this VIP edit that has garnered so much attention at their live sets. This is pure 303 acid booty music. Oh yeah, did I mention it is a FREE DOWNLOAD! The embed is right below, no reason not to cop it.


“And Above All”
[Say What? Recordings]
Here is a nice minimal groove for all of you. This is the “b-side” of Beazar’s Prince Of Montagu EP which is out now on Say What? Recordings. This is a beginning of the night kind of track. It has a nice groove and percussion with some warped and crushed horns signaling that there is more dark and deep tunes on the horizon.


“Feel Me”
[Saved Records]
I am digging the old school stabs and shouts on this track. Brodanse has delivered this heater as part of their two-tracker of the same name, Feel Me EP, out now on Saved Records. Smooth and soulful with a powerful groove, this track is going to get all hands in the air and the sweat beading up on your forehead.


Ramiro Lopez
[Octopus Black Label]
Ramiro Lopez is no stranger to the techno chart. His latest release on the Octopus Black Label, Inside, has two powerful techno pounders. “Clear” has a smooth vocal that floats over a moody, evolving, bass line. This is definitely a peak hour heater with tons of euphoric energy.

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“Space And Time”
Skober is back on the techno chart with a single off his two-tracker release on Alleanza. This tune has both strength and grace. The airy pads pair well with the heavy, gritty, melodic, bass line while the kick drums pound away to keep those feet moving. Skober has successfully taken us on a journey through space and time with this one.


Lakosa, Rick Grant
[20/20 Vision]
Lakosa has teamed up with Rick Grant to create their 20/20 Vision debut, Dusk EP, from which I have selected the title track for this edition of the techno chart. This EP is part of the rebranding of the 20/20 vision label and I have to say that they are doing a good job so far. This track is deep and groovy with great vocal samples throughout to keep your body moving in all those funky ways.


“Square Wave Romance”
[Gruuv Recordings]
Released as part of Gruuv’s 5 Years Of Gruuv, EP2, the second of six EPs to be released this summer as part of the 5 year celebration, Gorge has dropped this appropriately groovy track. It oozes groove with its tech house percussion, airy pads, and, of course, ultra groovy bass. This is perfect for the pool parties that are in full swing from LA to Miami to Ibiza and everywhere in between.


La Fleur
[Last Night On Earth]
La Fleur has dropped this single as part of her latest 3 tracker on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint. This has a great ethereal feel with the pads and heavy funk coming through in the bass line. Finally, more and more women are getting recognized as equally talented producers and DJs in the electronic scene instead of just eye candy behind the decks. It’s about time.


“Dry Your Tears”
George Plakidis & Paul Anthonee
[Lapsus Music]
Does it feel like summer yet? If not then this track should give you that extra boost into the season. George Plakidis and Paul Anthonee have teamed up to produce this track out now as part of Lapsus Music’s Five Stars – Suite 3 compilation. This track has pumped up tribal percussion with strong vocals and sting work. It has perfect energy for a hot summer night set.

Thanks for checking out this edition of the top 10 techno chart. Below is the full playlist for your enjoyment. See you next time!

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