Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 7.13.15

Top 10 Tropical House / Chill Tracks - Chart 7.13.15

Throwing shapes in cabana shade, drinking peach pigmented rum drinks out of pineapple halves, tropical shirts with ewoks on them from Comic Con, sandy salty days in San Diego, LA, Santa Barbara and SF, body surfing bro time, ocean makeouts, new friends, new sunnies, new rainbow sandals, old tricks, fireball, fire sunsets, fire tunes, June gloom, July sunburns, August festivals, endless summer nights and crispy summer days, the disco glow and tropical flow, pineapple and tequilas all damn day, hikes along turquoise water dreamscapes, travel, chill, travel some more. This is mine and my friends summers. We are doing it right and hope you are too. These tracks are coming out at the heart of the beast that is this great season and I hope you all find a reason to bump em loud. Cheers to the sunshine.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


Thomas Jack
FFRR Records
Thomas Jack’s first single. Need I say more? Well it’s freakin awesome so yes I need to. It’s crazy to think that the tropfather TJ has been at the game for this long without an official single. He’s changed the electronic game with his mai tai music and evolved it to blend with so many kinds of genres from deep to melodic to even a little tech house. This is a well versed man of music bringing together some great producers and vocalists to assist on the elevated mindset and tempo of “Rivers”. Thomas Jack has been taken under the massive wings of Pete Tong for some time now and its no surprise this track is being released on Tong’s FFRR label. When you stare in the sun there is a certain point you can no longer see, that is where Thomas Jack is flying as he continues to reign over day party dance music.


"Saltwater (2015 Radio Rework)"
Nora En Pure
When my girl Nora mixes in a Spandau Ballet sample and drops dirty bongo-backed bass it’s gonna be a sunfire hit. I know this much is true....The 80s had all the right ideas on synthy ballad singing pop voices and this new wave crew’s “True” slides right into this reworked beach chair that’s been soaking in the sun since 2011. I love the calm moment midpoint with the sounds of the sea, strings and synth ringing with that iconic couple of guitar chords. You better find some way to bump this one this weekend. It will set the mood every kind of right.


"Chasing Clouds"
MÖWE is definitely in my Top 5 Artists To Watch and they’re charging up those ranks even. Their sound continues to get more polished and flowing, and the originals are really starting to pick up steam. These guys make fun, danceable and beautiful sunshine tunage, simple as that. A lot of people say tropical and melodic house makes you feel hopeful and happy when you listen to it and I think these guys epitomize that positive mental attitude. No frills, no deep lyrics, just the sun on your face, please leave this article if that isn’t enough for you.


"Lights On"
Oh I love me some of that synth pop. We got a little Classixx mixed with Goldroom for the perfect dancey melodic groove. It’s like an inflatable beach discoball bouncing around the crowd of hip swingin honeys. The group from Cardiff hasn’t released much but I’m getting some good feelings for their future after listening to this.


"Back To Life feat. Roman Kouder (LBCK Remix)"
Get wiggly and warm with this bouncy remix by LBCK. I see that shining summer real bright now. Like rocking a nice pair of shades that make everything look better this song just brightens up your life with its funky fresh feels. This is some high-definition stuff, sliced orange spray scented and fresh out the dryer soft.


"Waiting For Love (Autograf Remix)"
I broke one of my own rules for this remix Autograf, I hope you’re happy. I’ll let you figure that out, and no its not remixes of songs featuring a vocalist who is trying to sound like Chris Martin. I love the saturation on the piano and how they’ve made an entirely new sound out of the melody. Its a lot better than the original work and Tim is lucky to have these gents on the official remix. Oh, and if you haven’t seen these guys play live you best get out there. Great dance party and the live electro-xylophone is a revelation.

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"Eve II (ODESZA Remix)"
The vibes are grooving and the grooves are vibing. Odesza goes way mellow on this building, slipping and sliding track that travels everywhere while you’re going nowhere, at least in your head that is. Up in that mind of yours you might be just about anywhere as this song is all about moving and trying new things.


"Emily (Win & Woo Remix)”
San Fermin
Win & Woo must have been inspired by True Detective intros in their song choice for their new remix because its got that throaty dark growl to the vocals. The blackbird man would even take his mask off and throw shades on to jam out with this one. The NY duo always packs a mean wallop in their clinking basslines and it fits perfectly with the hardscrabbled original’s feel.


"Outta My Head (ft. Blest Jones)"
Sweat It Out!
Those muted underwater organ and piano chords chimin over a light bongo pop just gets me. The liquid silk vocals of Blest Jones are a perfect balancer for this song so it doesn’t get too trop heavy. It’s a fine line these days of overtropification but LYAR’s original dances nimbly on it.


"Heartbreak Reputation feat. Polina"
There are chords in this track that make me say “I Remember”. The mau5 and Kaskade certainly have their influence on Zimmer in this case but the French producer brings his own glow and R&B flow to this melter. Polina has an absolutely beautiful Lauryn Hill-like voice and Zimmer should stick with her on future tracks if he knows what’s good for him!


The evolution of artists in the tropical house genre is fascinating to watch. One minute they’re messaging their first remix to you on twitter and the next they’re releasing they’re first original that blows your mind and the masses just lift up and love. It’s been a pleasure seeing N2N really come into his own and this original is truly an original beast of its own. The pan flute takes full frame and I’ve never heard it more powerful in a track. The bouncing dunking backdrop bass flows so well together and hearing the flute sounds almost bounce off its role like it was riding the wake is a rad effect. Cheers to many more originals N2N!

Full Chart. Groove on…

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