Treasure Fingers Shares Absurd "Kool-Aid" Video


Atlanta house boss Treasure Fingers has put out releases on countless labels, recently Fool's Gold and Nest, but now he's ready to launch a label of his own - Psycho Disco Records. He's doing it in a big way with the video for "Koolaid", which features a crazy lady sharing a glass of special koolaid with a traveling salesman.

He spoke with THUMP about writing the record, explaining "the first version was very R-rated, the vocals just said, 'I'm in your house, rubbing on your pussy. The video would be me, petting a cat for four minutes." He's contemplated leaking the original track.

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"When you hear 'Koolaid,' you'll just think, 'this is so dumb.' But it's nice to just have fun. Maybe it's just me getting older and not caring as much, enjoying the really simple and mindless things in life."

"Koolaid" sets a strong tone for the identity of Treasure Fingers' new label and leaves us excited for what's next.

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Source: THUMP

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